These days, the bathroom is no longer considered as a mere utility. With the rise of modern designs, bathrooms are now an integral part of the property’s design and aesthetic appearance. Your bathroom can say so much about who you really are and making sure that it looks good all the time can give your guests a good insight on the kind of person that you aspire to become.

Glass shower cubicles are truly stunning and are available in various sizes and styles, with custom designs which have been made to suit your bespoke bathroom. During these times of more sophisticated techniques of production, custom glass shower enclosures no longer have to be very expensive and there are now plenty of choices that can suit all budgets.

Corner shower glass enclosures are a famous option that gives a functional and attractive space for showering and taking up only a tiny space in the most efficient manner. These corner showers can also come in various styles. You might want to go for corner custom glass shower enclosures that have two doors that open away from one another or the single doors which pivot outwards. There are also many other modern designs which provide a sliding door feature wherein the entrance door is hidden away once opened that saves on outside space.

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